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Forget The Qualifiers, Forget The Friendlies - No One Is More Prepared For Euro 2024 Than Ivana Knoll

There it is! There's the commitment we were looking for. Ivana Knoll who became the breakout star at the 2022 World Cup is ready for one of the most important summers in soccer. I honestly can't wait for this summer. You have Euros and Copa America? Perfect day time soccer when we desperately need more sports on besides baseball. But this is a valuable lesson - failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Who cares if it's 2 months out? You think Ivana Knoll gets headlines like this if she just shows up the day Croatia plays and steals the show? 

No! It's about prep. It's about picking out the outfits and how you can incorporate one of the best jerseys in all of sports into your wardrobe. I don't care how many times I see them, the Croatia kits slap every time. 

Alex Livesey. Getty Images.
Andy Buchanan - Pool. Getty Images.

Iconic. They are the short list of iconic soccer jerseys along with the USA denim jerseys, the blue and white Argentina, the yellow Brazil and the blue Italy. The difference is you can also break these out when you cheer on Croatia 

Euro is fucking loaded too. Croatia is in the same group as Italy, Spain and Albania. Good luck getting out of that one in the top-2 and avoiding the 3rd place ranking to survive. The best part is we get Euro 2024 for an entire month - basically once the NBA Finals/Stanley Cup playoffs are done until mid-July. It's the perfect time to help get us to football season. That's really what the summer is for. Counting down to football. 

Anyways, consider this an early congrats to Ivana Knoll. She''s letting us know she'll be at the Euros. She will steal the show during a match. That's a guarantee.