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"Klemmer Plays Like It's 1940": Video Surfaces Of Barstool Basketball Shooting Guard, Rico Bosco, Slamming Coaching Staff

AP News (Manhattan, New York) Tensions ran high during the Barstool basketball team's season opener, despite the team walking away with the win. During the 48-46 victory, frustration on on the bench was evident after multiple players were seen quarreling with second year head coach, Chris Klemmer. Sources close to the team relayed to reporters that the back and forth between players and coaches was due to a disagreement in the team's game plan. That report has been confirmed after a video clip surfaced of newly signed veteran guard, Rico Bosco, trashing the coaching staff. During a promotional event, Bosco was heard on camera saying, "He's [Klemmer] playing offense like it's the 40's " and Bosco also stated, "Klemmer can't handle any stress." 

Head coach Chris Klemmer immediately took to X (formally twitter) to address the issue, and responded to the video with "Rico Bencho.


In the same video, Bosco even went as far as to say if Caitlin Clark joined the team, coach Klemmer would ruin her. Referring to the offer from team owner David Portnoy to sign the women's college basketball superstar to an unprecedented Barstool intramural contract of $10 million dollars. 

What does benching Rico Bosco mean for the future of the team? On the court, the team will miss his high basketball IQ, and willingness to do what literally no sane player in the history of rec league is willing to do - take a charge. 

When reaching out to the Barstool front office for a quote on the situation, assistant coach Kenjac responded with "Any good player knows this is a conversation that happens behind closed doors, if he has a problem with coaching he should come to us, instead of whining to the media like a blubbering pussy."

Bosco's biggest purpose for being brought in during the off season was to be a veteran presence inside the locker room, to help guide the young leadership in co-captains Dana Beers and Marty Mush. BUT, after making waves in the media, it appears the Bosco experiment is not starting off the way the coaching staff intended. 

The biggest question is will Bosco's benching send a message to the team? There is a snake coiled around the locker room, but is Rico Bosco the head of the snake, or just part of the body that is constricting Coach Klemmer as he gets his team ready for a deep playoff run? Something tells me this team has bigger issues than Rico Bosco and what he says to the media. 

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