Can Barstool Employees Throw A Strike?

Happy Opening Day, everyone! Thought we'd do a little one pitch baseball challenge to see who in the office had an arm and see who in the office was Bethany Hamilton. Was gonna go with Jim Abbott for that joke, but like, he was a pitcher. 

When you watch these, please note the courage of the catcher to sit in there when they were throwing off a mound from about 40 feet away. Why we didn't go 60 feet 6 inches? I have no fucking clue. Anyways, here's a couple superlatives to keep the "blogs need to be longer than one paragraph" crowd off my back:

Fastest Pitch: Hank (he told me he thinks he can still touch 80)

Most Accurate: KB 

Most Hyped Up To Then Throw A Ball: Cheah

Best Arm (For A Girl): Megan Makin Money

Most Likely To Hit The Batter And Bounce Into My Rib Cage: PFT


Most Likely To Say I'll Be Down In 15 Minutes And Then Go To The White Sox Game: Dave

* I think we need to have a Chicago Slow Pitch Softball team. New York can have the basketball, but I think we can piece together quite the squad here for the diamond. Plus, you can drink High Noons while you play….

** Wish I would've done a "Speed Pitch" for this. Didn't realize there was one until we were more than halfway done

*** Alright, back to the stream. You think I can convince the Big Dogs to put the Guardians on one of the screens? It's Opening Day no less!