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One Home Run Into the 2024 Season, We Have a Juiced Ball Conspiracy Theory

Hell yeah, I needed this on Opening Day. Three batters into the season — those Dodgers-Padres games at 4 a.m. don't count — we have our first MLB conspiracy and mention of the baseball.

This is the only sport where we have no clue about the composition of the ball from year to year and I personally find that hilarious and quite fun. Maybe they designed the balls to die on the warning track this year or maybe they brought back the juiced Superballs that might endanger spectators sitting in the outfield. You'll just have to wait and see!

In addition to the fact that it's obviously going to take some time to figure out how the balls are playing this year, the guy who hit this was Mike Trout. It's very plausible those extra 24 feet can simply be attributed to the fact that ball was hit by the best hitter of this generation. But it's way more fun to start a juiced ball conspiracy.

I'm all for juiced balls as long as the balls don't change throughout the season and everybody is using the same ones. If you want to throw juiced baseballs to the Atlanta Braves, I would welcome that with open arms. Just pick a ball and stick with it.