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Reports Coming Out Of Ohio State Spring Ball Say That A Freshman Is Our Most Accurate QB, And All I'll Say Is Ryan Day Better Play The Best Option

INTERESTING. The Freshman? More of a Tua than a Trevor?? That's pretty high praise for someone who most expect to be at best our 3rd string QB when the season rolls around.

Look, I know I'm not the most connected guy within THE Ohio State football program, but I talked to the guy who is earlier today....and let's just say the number isn't 0% that a healthy Will Howard doesn't trot out as the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes this Fall. 

.....which would be fucking crazy, considering that we paid a presumably large amount of money to bring a 27 game starter over from Kansas State. Could you imagine if we / he did all that to sit the bench? And I'm not saying it's happening, and it's certainly not even close to likely (yet), but the fact of the matter is that there's not a more talented quarterback room in the country this Spring than what Ohio State has meeting every day. I mean, who else can trot out this:


1. Will Howard: 5th Year Senior, All-Time Leading TD Passer at Kansas State, 2nd Team All-Big 12, 6'5 and more athletic than Kyle McCord.....

2. Julian Sayin: 5-Star Recruit, #1 QB Recruit in the Country, Alabama Enrollee until Saban left, Transferred to OSU

3. Air Noland: 5-Star Recruit, #3 QB Recruit in the Country, Sick Name

4. Devin Brown: 4-Star Recruit, #5 QB in the Country, Not a Quitter 

5. Lincoln Kienholz: 4-Star Recruit, #11 QB Recruit in the Country, Lefty from South Dakota, 2023 USA Today National Athlete of the Year

^ That's the order I have them in right now, according to who has the best chance of starting. Me personally, I don't give a fuck who we start next year. Actually, yes I do. I want Ryan Day to start the quarterback that gives us the best chance to win. Not the guy we're paying the most, not the guy who we promised would play, not worrying about the guys we want to have back next year, and not the guy the fans like the most. Because honestly, and I hate to say it, Devin Brown and Lincoln Kienholz gave us all such a sour taste in the bowl game vs. Missouri that I think the fan base will want to see some fresh blood out there in September. I know the offensive line was worse than a burning pile of garbage, but in a lot of people's minds, they already blew their tryout....

Not me though. Play the best player. If Sayin has the most accurate arm of the bunch, I don't hate pairing that up with the most skilled players in the country. And if starting a freshman means that Brown, Kienholz, and Noland all lease because of it.....sayonara. Because guess what, the only thing that matters this year is beating those motherfuckers from Michigan.

(insert final score tweet that Ohio State football never tweeted last year) 

** No way all 5 of them are with us in the Fall, right? They all say they're staying though.....for now.