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A Secret "Moonshine Cave" Has Been Discovered Under The Stands Of A NASCAR Track

Before I begin, let me inform all of the NASCAR casuals (like myself) of what Spider just told me when I graciously asked him if he was going to blog this story. He said to me, Tate, I want you to blog it and grow the game.....and please remind everyone that NASCAR was actually invented by bootleggers who were transporting illegal alcohol during prohibition, using their impressive driving skills to elude the police if needed. And then in their free time, the drivers would compete against each other, which ultimately evolved into stock car racing. Kind of a cool story, no? Better than Naismith hanging a peach basket up on a wall.  

Anyways, the way this story goes is that the track was completing a routine inspection and cleaning when the workers noticed some cracks in the foundation, which turned out a 700-square-foot opening underneath that would be primed to hold a moonshine operation.

I fucking love everything about this. I might have to become a NASCAR guy based on this story alone, because you'd have to imagine the reason for holding the moonshine here was so the racers could drive in races by night and then drive to smuggle alchohol into the middle of the night. Win on Sunday and sell on Monday! Get yourself a man who can do both.

Unfortunately it sounds like the entire place was cleared out, but if they have any ounce of entrepreneurship in their bodies down there, they restock it and reopen it as a bar underneath the grandstands. An under-the-track bar would do do some serious sales. In fact, I'm sick and tired of these dome ideas being tossed around in these billionaires' new stadium discussions. Just give me a shitty slab of concrete stairs hiding a state-of-the-art illegal moonshine operation and I'll be happy.

Raise Hell and Praise Dale, y'all.