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Orioles Magic Is Alive: New Ownership Set The Tone For The Year By Showing Up To Pickles On Opening Day And Buying Beer For Every Person There

This right here is the video that I needed to see today. Well, to a degree. It's a new time at Camden Yards and one that us O's fans have rarely seen. Sure when I'd go there in 96 and 97 it was fucking awesome. I was 10 years old staring at the most beautiful sight one can see. Brady Anderson's sideburns. 

Otto Greule Jr. Getty Images.

Majestic and good shot he never gets topped as my all time favorite baseball player. I lived through too many pointless years. Going down to Pickles was the highlight of the day. Sure, the first time Wieters was behind the plate or watching Adam Jones turn into a star or Nick Markakis being the most consistent player we had in years was fun. We got a little glimpse of success with that group before it all blew up and Chris Davis forgot how to swing (was robbed of his medicine by the corrupt offices who don't want to see the O's succeed). 

Fast forward and it's a new day. 

The new ownership is here, the kids are here and they are for real. Last year wasn't a fluke. It can't be a fluke when you see how good Adley and Gunnar are. It can't be a fluke when you go get Corbin Burnes for that desperately needed No. 1 starting pitcher role. It can't be a fluke when you still have Jackson Holliday in the minors and that's what people are upset about. It can't be a fluke when there's a buzz around this group that I don't think I've ever seen before. 

So this is why it matters. I don't care how rich this ownership group is, it's the simple move of going to Pickles Pub and buying everyone a beer. Everyone needs a beer before heading into America's most beautiful ballpark and watching Corbin Burnes in the black and orange. You can hear the shift in the Let's Go O's chant. You know who wouldn't do this? The Angelos family. That's why this all matters to us. Set the tone on day 1 and let's go raise a goddamn banner. 

Hit the music! 

PS: Everyone asks how the hell I'm an Orioles fan and it's simple really. We moved to York, Pennsylvania when I was young. My old man is a Mets fan and basically said you're locked into the Giants and Knicks, pick any other baseball team. Don't be miserable. Rest of the family are Yankees fans, the O's were the closest to home, had the best colors, best jerseys and Cal Ripken. Easy choice. Went down to Memorial Stadium in the early 90s and never looked back. I don't talk about baseball much because it's 162 games. Far too long, but the Birds. The Birds have a special place in my heart to the point I may or may not have both my sons named after them in some capacity. If I gotta be miserable or happy with one team, so do they.