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It's Insane That Steph Curry's "Leadership" Is Once Again Being Blamed For Draymond Green's Actions

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

Back in mid-December when the NBA announced that Draymond Green was going to be suspended indefinitely, it opened the floodgates for horrendous takes. Things that were said by real people on real TV shows that made so little sense the only explanation was that it all had to be a bit. Maybe the most notable take from that time came via Stephen A, who suggested that Draymond's actions were actually the fault of Steph Curry's poor leadership

Easily one of the more insane things we've heard when it comes to Draymond's actions. A truly "we have left planet earth" situation.

Well guess what! Draymond Green once again got ejected last night in the first 4 minutes of the Warriors game against the Magic, Steph Curry wasn't exactly shy about showing how frustrated he has become when it comes to still having to deal with this bullshit

and you'll never believe what the discourse around this incident just so happens to be again today.

I ask this sincerely. What the hell are we doing? High level people in the NBA are texting Jay Wiliams questioning Steph Curry's leadership is at fault for not being able to control Draymond Green? 

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We are seriously doing this AGAIN after only 3 months of saying this exact same insane shit? I'm not even going to suggest that Jay Williams is making that up. I'm not being texted by high ranking NBA people so what do I know? 

But what I do know is that Draymond Green IS A GROWN ASS MAN. He is responsible for his own actions! It is not on Steph Curry to babysit Draymond Green. It is not a question or a reflection of Steph Curry's leadership that Draymond Green keeps playing the hits and still does the same shit that continues to hurt the Warriors. That is a DRAYMOND GREEN issue. At no point after every one of these instances with Draymond should the discourse ever turn to

"Is this actually Steph Curry's fault? Is he not even a good leader?"

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. On what planet does that sort of thought process make any sense? Draymond is not a rookie. He's not someone who may be unaware of how life in the NBA works and needs the vet on his team to show him the ropes. Draymond has been in the NBA since 2012-13 and has played nearly 1,000 NBA games in his career (including postseason). He knows how he should and shouldn't act, and the fact that he never does anything to change is HIS problem, not Steph Curry's.

We all wonder why it seems like Draymond never changes, and I'm starting to think this is part of the reason why. Whenever he does act up, instead of holding him accountable for his own decisions and his own actions, the narrative somehow gets twisted into it being Steph Curry's fault for not "controlling" Draymond Green like he's one of Steph's kids. It truly is one of the most insane takes we've ever heard, whether it's coming from Stephen A, or "high-level NBA people".

You know what this sounds like to me? This sounds like the work of Klutch Sports. High level NBA people? Oh, so Rich Paul? What better way to deflect the attention off your Klutch Sports client (Draymond) than to leak out that things are actually the fault of Steph Curry being a bad leader? That's a textbook move if I've ever seen one. 

Of all the reasons for Steph to maybe finally be at the end of his rope with all this Draymond stuff, this has to be high on the list. It would be so annoying to be doing everything you can on the court to keep the Warriors playoff dreams alive while playing some of the best basketball of your career, and just because Draymond Green can't cut the shit, somehow that's your fault. Who could blame Steph for finally reaching his boiling point if this is what happens.