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This NYC Apartment Tour Will Make You Appreciate Your Blessings in Life

Ah, New York City. Is it safe? No. Is it well-kept? Absolutely not. Affordable? Furthest thing from it. But surely most of the accommodations are better than a prison cell? Wrong again.

Whenever something goes wrong in my life or I see Chicago's mayor say something somehow more idiotic than he did the day before, I just think back to my days living in an apartment fairly similar to this one and all of a sudden everything seems alright. This girl could literally cook breakfast from her shower — and does, in fact.

In most homes in this country, the rooms are all separated. How fucking dumb is that? I have to take a shower in my bathroom and then travel all the way to the kitchen if I want to make breakfast. This apartment provides you the ability to do everything at once.

And while the space may seem a bit cozy overall, you actually have to sit on the toilet sideways and therefore get to say you shit in your kitchen. How many Americans can say that?

The good news is this pad likely only costs about $2,500 a month and can be easily accessed via six flights of stairs. God really does have favorites.