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'I Just Took A Shit Where Bron Takes A Shit' - The Highlight Of UNC's Practice In LA Was Taking Advantage Of One Of Life's Simple Pleasures

This right here is the reminder that we're talking about college kids in March. I know they are getting paid (like they have been for decades). I know we look at them as these elite players, especially when we get to the second weekend of March. But college kids, no matter who you are, are mostly dumb. Except this quote. It's one of life's simple pleasures. Taking a shit in a nice bathroom, knowing other famous people shit there, is something to brag about. 

We're not talking about a regular ass gym stall here. That would be gross. The locker room at Arena is likely pretty nice. It's no comfort zone, we're not talking about your own home here. But when you gotta go, you just pray it's a safe space. A space to feel comfortable, lock in on your phone for a little bit and get out of all the nervous energy. It's not a secret that a pregame shit is essential, but you gotta time it up right. Can't be unleashing hell moments before you get on the floor for tip, that would be a disaster. Worry a little bit about mud butt and aftershocks. But time it up right and you feel like a new person as you walk out and get ready to take the floor. Also gotta be careful if you're UNC and wearing the white shorts. Can't be the guy going viral for some streaks in the Sweet 16. 

And yes, this is a blog about shitting in certain places. That's what happens when you have a few days off the Tournament and quotes going around. Plus we're all adults. We understand the importance of taking a good dump or two. Not to mention, you're lying if you haven't thought about taking a shit where a famous person has before. They aren't using gross bathrooms, you're living in luxury if you get to do that. I'd personally go with Anthony Davis or Rui Hachimura, but whatever gets you fired up on an off day.