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Honest Kelly Oubre To All 3 NBA Refs After Controversial Ending: "You're A Bitch, You're A Bitch, You're A Bitch."

ICYMI: In an absolute shitshow ending to a professional basketball game, the MVP-less Sixers fell at home to Kawhi, Paul George, and James Harden of the Clippers by a point. It's tough enough to see Kawhi hit yet another game winning shot on Philly, but the way the conclusion of this game unfolded should make people angry for a variety of reasons. Everyone - Sixers and non-Philly fans alike - should be questioning why the last minute of the game took no less than 44 hours to complete. Between the challenges, confusion, and overall incompetence of the professional, NBA refs, this was truly absurd. After the final whistle, Nick Nurse rightfully lost his marbles on the stripes. And then came Kelly Oubre, who was the center of numerous controversial calls in the 4th quarter: 

I'm no lip reader. Shit, I'm barely a literate word reader. But after Kelly Oubre hit the refs with a one-two-three punch of "You're a bitch - OK."', it looks like double dipped each official with: 

"Your mom's a bitch. Your dad's a bitch. Your grandma's a bitch."

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Ohhhh the fines are going to be lovely. But honestly, can you blame Oubre for being livid at the officials? I mean, look at some of the shit that happened last night in the Sixers late loss at home to the Clippers. LOOK AT IT: 

The officials even pretty much admitted their ma, dad, and grandma are bitches during the postgame review: 

PHILADELPHIA -- Following the LA Clippers' 108-107 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, crew chief Kevin Scott said in a pool report that there should have been a foul called on a drive by 76ers forward Kelly Oubre Jr. on the game's final play "On the last play on the floor, in real time the crew interpreted that play as the defender jumping vertically," Scott said. "However, in postgame video review we did observe some slight drift to his left by the defender [Paul] George, and a foul should have been ruled." The play capped a chaotic final minute of action, one that saw multiple reviews, a wedgie that resulted in a jump ball, two costly 76ers turnovers, a pair of and-1s by Clippers star Kawhi Leonard and, ultimately, Oubre's drive that resulted in him lying on the ground as the Clippers celebrated a needed victory in James Harden's first game in South Philly since being traded.

So…when the Sixers were up 2 in the waining seconds, Oubre was (rightfully) called for a foul on Kawhi's made layup that resulted in a 3-point, game winning play but on the other end there was zero call to send Oubre to the line almost the identical spot? Possibly TWICE? Cute. It just doesn't seem right cause, well, it isn't. And hence Oubre referring to innocent grandma's as bitches. To each heir own. 

Now the Sixers have devolved into play-in territory for the playoffs but at least the status of Embiid seems to be coming a bit more clear. Kind of. Even tho not really. 

FYI, the NBA regular season ends on April 14th. Just a smidge over 2 weeks away. Pray for Joel. And cue it.