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Jersey Jerry Nearly Broke A Yak Record On Wednesday

The Yak Gauntlet is still a fairly new part of Yak lure. We've been doing it for a couple months and aside from one Big Cat flawless run, most people finish between 2-6 minutes.

We have had exceptions.


But Wednesday, we nearly had a new record. Jersey Jerry got very tripped up on Sporcle and could not for the life of him name another 2,000+ yard rusher. He had Adrian Peterson and Derrick Henry, but just needed one more to stop the clock. One more...

He had the team, first name, and number. Barry…

Jerry ended up finishing at just over 9 minutes, so Jeff's record is safe! Jerryis a great sport. Check out the full Yak and enjoy Clem in a Barry Sanders jersey - a Thanksgiving tradition!