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Steph Curry Showed He Is Clearly Over Draymond Green's Bullshit After Draymond Was Ejected AGAIN

Mike Ehrmann. Getty Images.

Last night, we had Draymond Green going into his old bag of tricks by grabbing the neck/head of Patty Mills with a play that was questionable at best and typical Draymond shadiness at worst. 

Something about that moment let us know that all that talk of change maybe hadn't truly stuck yet. A play like that was something you'd see from pre-therapy Draymond, and even though he was only awarded a common foul, I think we can all agree that it was a pretty fucked up play. You can really mess someone up going for the neck area, which is why there are rules against it.

What we should have known was that this was actually just the beginning. The Warriors are at it again tonight in a B2B against the Magic in a game they pretty much need to win. The Rockets are breathing down their neck for the final playoff spot, the Warriors don't own their first round pick so missing the Play In would be a disaster, and that means it's all hands on deck for everyone on the roster. It's basically time to cut the shit and get serious.

So what does Draymond do tonight? He gets ejected in the first 4 minutes of the game

All you need to know about the situation we learned by seeing Steph's reaction

That's a guy who looks to be over Draymond's shit, and really who could blame him at this point? These are must win games, Draymond is an important piece of the puzzle for the Warriors and here he is yet again making their life difficult. Given the fact that he already ruined one of their seasons by punching Jordan Poole in the face, this has to be annoying as hell if you're Steph Curry and you are trying everything you possibly can to right the sinking ship.

And look, I'd even say that Draymond has a case when it comes to the bullshit techs and ejections. NBA refs have been getting in their feelings all season and throwing out some of the softest techs you'll ever see. There is no doubt in my mind that official is an asshole, but at the same time I'm certainly not going to take Draymond's side here. He has to know to be better and not even give the ref any reason to give him a tech, let alone two techs and an ejection. He wasn't even involved in the play! 

Even with the Warriors still pulling this win out, it's still a terrible look for one of the supposed "leaders" of the team who spent all this time talking about how much he's changed. All I see is one night Draymond is pulling some dirty shit and then the very next night is getting himself ejected from a must win game while the Warriors season is on the line before we even get to to the midway point of the first quarter. At what point does the juice not become worth the squeeze?

Because when you add it all up, it feels like the same old Draymond to me. And as we all saw, even Steph Curry is tired of the bullshit.