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Former ESPN Host Sage Steele Calls Dana White Joe Rogan (Twice) During An Interview

This clip from Sage Steele's latest interview with Joe Rogan Dana White is currently going viral all over social media - and for good reason: it's fucking hysterical. You could actually break down Dana's realization of what just happened frame-by-frame....

"Did she just ask me what Joe Rogan's dream is? How the hell am I supposed to know?"

"Wait a minute - she thought I was Joe Rogan, didn't she?"

"Can you believe I put on fuzzy socks for this woman and she called me Joe Rogan?!"

Finally, arguably the best frame - when it dawns on him how great this clip is gonna be, despite Steele's embarrassment….

I'd say this was a simple slip of the tongue, but after hearing her call him Joe in THIS clip as well….

….I feel like she either truly thought she was interviewing Joe Rogan, or just can't tell the bald white MMA dudes apart - which is hilarious if true. Imagine her prepping for this interview, just drilling "DON'T CALL HIM JOE ROGAN, DON'T CALL HIM JOE ROGAN, DON'T CALL HIM JOE ROGAN" into her head like Bart Simpson writing on a chalkboard - and then she slips and does it….TWICE?! She must've been really kicking herself afterwards. Credit to her for leaving it in the edit, I suppose.

Thankfully, Dana was a good sport about it - and even tagged her in this story earlier today when he got pulled over….

I've never had a wrong name slip like this myself, but I blanked for WAAAAY too long in saying Julianna Pena's name once while she was sitting right next to me. We did a half hour with her, it was going great, we were laughing, she was talking shit; and at the very end, I went to plug the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (coached by Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena), and all that came out was "Nunes vs uhhhhhhh…"

It was a long enough pause where both Ev and Julianna Pena herself stepped in for the save simultaneously, which was incredibly embarrassing - so what I'm saying is: it happens to the best of us, Sage! Brain farts hit us all at bad moments; this one just happened to go viral.