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Shane Gillis Set Up An Online Dynasty With The Kids He Coached On A Pee Wee Football Team

On today's Pardon My Take... SHANE GILLIS! The comedian joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss football, hosting SNL, comedy, Notre Dame, and tons more. There were plenty of great stories that were shared on today's episode, but one that stood out took place during his college days.

Gillis left school at Elon and returned home to Pennsylvania after an underage drinking incident. About a year later, Gillis got a warrant for his arrest, had to return to North Carolina to go court, and that's where he was told that he had to take some action via community service. With that in mind, what avenue did Gillis turn to?

Coaching a Pee Wee football team. That's right. And like any good team does, positive relationships were built from that squad. In fact, Gillis started on online dynasty with the kids he was coaching, ran up the score on them, and established his dominance in the game. Take a look at the full story...


COVID sparked a lot of bad things, but the fact that it gave Shane Gillis the opportunity to restart his online dynasty with his former Pee Wee football team is a great story. Now that they were much older, I wonder if the results changed at all.

I once did a Madden online season with a bunch of friends in high school. It was a lot of fun and sparked a lot of trash talk. Hopefully, the option is there in the new College Football video game coming out this summer.