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Everyone Hating on Caitlin Clark is a LOSER

When did everyone get so soft? What the fuck are we doing here? These girls can't win, it's ridiculous. First, you want to shit on them because they can't dunk. Ok fine, I'll give you that, they can't dunk, but neither can people crying about it, so what can they do? "Start being better at basketball!" they said. So they did. Now that these women are playing competitive basketball, people want to cry about them showing passion? This is sports, sports are meant to be competitive. We don't play sports to run around in la la land with a lollipop in our mouth. No, we play to win. These girls give a fuck, who are you to sit on your couch and get pissed off because they're showing that they actually care about the game they love. 

I LOVE that Caitlin Clark was getting fired up. Oh she argued with her dad in the crowd? Boo-hoo. Cry me a fucking river. Parents and their kids argue over who forgot to shut the garage. You think they won't argue in the middle of a National Championship tournament? Everyone just loves to bitch about everything. If Caitlin Clark was averaging two points a game no one would give a fuck, but since they can't attack her play on the court they have to attack her passion for the game. Give me a fucking break.


Oh no!!! Caitlin Clark got in a refs face!!! Oh my God! How are we going to live in a world where a basketball player is arguing with the refs? You ever heard of Lebron James? Please watch one NBA game and take a shot every time a player complains to the refs and I bet you'll be speaking Chinese by half time. Give me a fucking break. 

Oh my God!! Caitlin Clark head-butted a basketball!! What kind of role model is that? I can't believe she had the audacity to show her frustration in the middle of a game! It's almost like she cares!! I don't know if you heard of him, but there's this guy named Tom Brady. If you don't know who he is, he's a 7x Super Bowl Champion and is considered the greatest Quarterback of all time. Tom Brady would constantly be seen yelling at teammates, and slamming tablets on the sidelines. Why? Because he cared. Yeah, she head-butted a basketball, who gives a fuck? That doesn't make her a bad role model. Caitlin has revolutionized women's basketball and instead of appreciating her greatness, these soft minded dweebs who never played a sport in their life want to bring her down. Give me a fucking break.

Side note, I'm not calling Tate a soft minded dweeb who never played sports. I'm just saying she doesn't "give her haters" anything. These losers just want something to cry about.