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Joe Milton's Pro Day Was Insane and He Should Go No. 1 Overall as Long as You Ignore the Fact He Doesn't Play Well in Actual Football Games

As the NFL Draft approaches, I can't help but notice the plethora of people that are currently in Phase One of the Joe Milton Experience. And let me tell you: Phase One is a wonderful place to be. You see shit like this and become thoroughly convinced that this guy is simply too talented to not be the best quarterback to ever live. I watched Joe nearly kill Spider with a football and placed a Heisman Trophy future that afternoon.

Then the first football game rolls around.

I don't know how what we all see in Phase One translates so poorly to Phase Two, but it's a shocking difference. Phase Two is where you start to see things like this:

I really, really hope Joe is successful in the NFL. He's going to get drafted higher than many people think and he absolutely has the talent to take advantage of an opportunity in the League. I've just been past Phase One before and have seen what comes next.

There's never been a quarterback more suited to destroy a Pro Day, though. If the NFL doesn't work out, I'd pay to watch a Joe Milton Throwing Shit Far league where he just takes on all challengers. The guy can throw an orange 100 fucking yards.