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The MLB Schedule Makers Are Idiots

There were three early games scheduled for Opening Day tomorrow. All three have either been rained out or will be (Orioles home opener). Major League Baseball is intent on having regular season games in March. You can't blame the schedule makers for that. But you sure can blame them on having games during the coldest and rainiest part of the season in stadiums that don't have roofs. People went out of their way to take Thursday off to maybe get to a home opener. Now they have to move their whole schedule around. For people with real life commitments and busy lives, that's not always an easy task.

Need some more proof of the moronic March MLB schedule? Look at some of these initial matchups:

Brewers @ Mets

The Brewers have a roof! Why wouldn't you just have this first series in Milwaukee and have the Brewers come to the Mets later on in the season?

Blue Jays @ Rays

Why have two teams with a roof play each other to start the season? Have the Yankees, Orioles, Guardians or Red Sox start against one of these teams. The Blue Jays and Rays should each start every season at home.

Braves @ Phillies

Phillies game is already rained out tomorrow. In Atlanta? 67 and sunny.

Angels @ Orioles

Why would you take a team from Los Angeles and have them play baseball in Baltimore in March?

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I know MLB would push back and say these northern teams need to play at home eventually. They aren't wrong but why not postpone that inevitable situation as long as you can? Can it still snow and rain and be cold on April 5th? Of course but the chance of it being warmer is certainly greater than on March 28th.

The Mets have nine home games in all of August. They play 17 in March/April. I know there are many elements at play including concerts at Citi Field. But I would doubt the Mets asked for only one weekend series in all of August when school is out. 

This couple used to make the schedule by hand until 2004. Am I crazy or was the schedule better back then? I like the idea of having people build the schedule instead of computers. This modern schedule seems to have no common sense. It's like reading a bizarre AI article. It may do the job in the most basic sense but it's not practical at all.

Of course, the real enemy here (as always) is the greedy, rich owners. They keep adding playoff series after playoff series and push the schedule earlier and earlier. Could this be fixed with scheduled doubleheaders when the weather is warmer? Of course, but owners won't do a single admission DH because it's not going to make as much money as a game in March.

So instead, we'll dodge raindrops this weekend. Or if we are lucky enough to see a game actually played, we'll shiver the whole time. But don't worry. Those owners I talked about earlier? They will be watching from a heated luxury box (if they even bother to go to the game). Rain, sleet or snow? Who cares! As long as that parking and ticket revenue comes in along with the TV and streaming millions, what does it matter? 

You're cold or wet? Fuck you. As long as the game is played, they make their money. And if it rains, they'll make sure to have an overpriced poncho to sell you.