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Give Mike Tyson Credit For Leaning Into The Joke By Selling Edibles In The Shape Of Nibbled Ears

SKY News- Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is hoping to deliver a knockout blow with his new cannabis product - edibles in the shape of nibbled ears.

The bizarre products are a nod to when Tyson infamously bit off part of the ear of his opponent Evander Holyfield in their WBA Heavyweight Championship bout in Nevada in 1997.

The edibles have been released by Tyson 2.0 - a cannabis company founded by the iconic boxer known as "Iron Mike".

They come in flavours including black eye berry, sour apple punch and watermelon.

Sometimes you gotta lean into it. And that's preciously what Tyson is doing here. It's still bizarre that this is what Tyson is up to these days, but fame never lasts forever, and it does seem like Tyson can never stay at the top. So I guess that's how we got here. Mike Tyson, once the heavyweight champ of the world has been reduced to peddling edibles that make fun of him and fighting YouTubers, how the mighty have fallen. 

But also, this makes sense. If he's going to be in the game of edibles, you might as well stand out. I don't partake in them but I imagine there's a ton on the shelves or in the stores. Iron Mike leaning into the bit by putting edibles in the shape of ears seems like a smart move. Anyone from 25-50 walking past them will have it catch their eye. It was one of the most iconic moments in sports, and I still remember seeing the still images on Sportscenter the next day (ESPN wasn't allowed to use the PPV video). Mike still is probably bothered that a negative moment like this may be his most defining of a storied career, but that's where we've gotten and he knows he needs the money so sell baby sell. 


Also, any Tyson blog has to have his knockout montage.