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Jayson Tatum Admits That He Feels Bad When He Doesn't Hit People's Parlays


The fact of the matter is that while sports gambling has made it so much more fun to be a casual fan on a random weeknight, one group of people that cannot be having a good time are the professional sports players that are being gambled on. It has to be annoying to hear from fans every single night telling you to grab more than 5.5 rebounds, dish out more than 4.5 assists, or score more than 30.5 points. Like, you can go out and put up a line of 25, 10, and 9 while carrying your team to a big victory.....but if the drunk fan in the 12th row had $5 on you to record a Triple Double, he'll chirp your ass. Players used to be expected to win games. Now they're expected to cash everyone's parlay....and still win the game. And some of the game's biggest stars have voiced their issues with that.


The Chicago Bulls recently echoed the same exact argument, saying the "purity" of the game has been compromised.

To be honest, I don't really care about the purity of basketball, but I actually do side with Kevin Durant, who makes the valid point that he only hears from people when he doesn't win their bets. But no one sends him any Cash Apps when he covers.

Fair! If you're going to give him the blame, you better be willing to give him the credit too (although I think KD is doing just fine with his 4 year, $192 million contract). Either way, Jayson Tatum is the first person I can think of that actually has acknowledged he's aware of the lines and that he doesn't enjoying sending people home broke.


He still says he doesn't change how he plays to cover his lines (smart move), but it's nice to know that he knows. Hammer Tatum's points over tomorrow night in Atlanta…..?