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It's Officially Official. The Next Chapter Is Here. David Rubenstein Is Your New Owner Of The Baltimore Orioles!

David is finally home, he's right where he belongs. This morning David Rubenstein was officially and unanimously approved as the next owner of the Baltimore Orioles. The power from the Angelos family has been transferred to Rubenstein and his "Inner Harbor Sports" group including other names such as Cal Ripken Jr., Grant Hill, and Michael Bloomberg. These are some heavy hitters who are saviors in the eyes of Orioles fan's eyes. No longer will John Angelos and his size 5 shoes reign terror over Birdland. No more wanting to be the next Tampa Bay, no more scheduling his wife's friends to hold concerts at the ballpark, no more promising to open the books, no more flipping out on reporters in pressers, we're onto bigger and better things. See ya John, don't let the door hit you ya putz. 

This thing actually did move pretty quickly, I believe it was early December when we first heard Rubenstein was interested, Angelos denied it and shot it down, they signed the lease and then boom, the day before Opening Day it's official. MLB must have REALLY wanted to get this thing done and Angelos out of there, how can you blame them? It's been a bizarre week in Baltimore starting with the news that Jackson Holliday was starting in the minor leagues last Friday, the death of Peter Angelos on Saturday, and a massive tragedy with the Key Bridge early Tuesday morning. This news was able to lift the city up a little bit, people have some pep in their step after watching the disaster yesterday. There really isn't a better way for O's fans to go into Opening Day, maybe some clear weather and extensions but we can't get greedy. 

Immediately after the $1.725 Billion deal went through the changes started. The entire theme of the team changed, we saw vidoes like the one above, we heard from David Rubenstein himself, we saw him say he wants to win a championship soon. VERY SOON. He gets it man. I've never seen someone get it more than Titus at Barstool, but Rubenstein may one up that. We truly are in a new era of Orioles baseball and that era is billions of dollars and is ready to spend. Not to mention the top farm system with studs on the way and a team of legit stars that won 101 games last year and a guy named Corbin Burnes on the mound. He also seems to be the complete opposite of John Angelos and that is a good thing. He'll be the owner, he won't be suspending broadcasters for saying stats, he won't bring embarrassment to this franchise. The rain cloud above Camden Yards is gone and it looks like it's going to Nashville or Saratoga. 

The next chapter, it's so refreshing. The team needed this, the fans needed it, the city needed it. A breath of fresh air. We get that with Rubenstein and his ownership group. Lifelong Baltimorean, a guy who loves his team and his city and most importantly, wants to bring a championship back to Baltimore. This is the team to do it. The time is now. The new chapter begins. Ink is dry and we are ready to go, welcome to Camden Yards Mr. Rubenstein! And a huge thank you from the bottom of my black, rotten heart. O's fans are happy to have you.