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You Heard It Here First, The 2024 Orioles Can Absolutely Win The 2024 World Series

Happy Opening Day everyone, I hope your OOO is up, you're a few drinks deep and have a hotdog or 3 headed your way. One of the best days of the year is here so kick back and enjoy it. Today is the day the Orioles kick off arguably their most anticipated season ever. One of the oldest AL franchises yet they have never had expectations like this. Don't forget this team won the AL East last year with 101 victories and they're adding a Cy Young pitcher, adding the #1 prospect in baseball, and officially adding a new ownership group that seems eager and willing to spend money. 

This could be the dawn of a very, very fun few years of Orioles baseball. That's another thing I was thinking of, this isn't a team that opposing fans will hate. There aren't dickheads on this team, there aren't "me" guys on this team, there aren't egos on this team. They're young, they're scrappy, they're full of energy and adrenaline and they may just be a top 2 team in baseball. How can that not fire you up? This won't be a typical team preview, I just have some words about this team. Let's head into the next chapter. 

The Orioles are going to be good, like very good. This is a team that 100% can win a World Series, they have the pieces to do so. And it's not me being a homer and saying I think they're going to be very good, it's the media publications and writers picking them to win it all, people are legit pumped about this team and it's not just people in Baltimore. MLB is officially on notice for the Orioles. 

It started 2 years ago with Adley's call up and has been full steam ahead. Yes they were embarrassed and swept in the ALDS last year but it was a team that overachieved by a mile. 76.5 was their O/U for wins heading into the season, they won 101. This team had some mild expectations on it last year, maybe 88 wins and a WC spot, instead they went full fucking throttle on their way to the division. They added to their places of need with Corbin Burnes, a legit top of the rotation HORSE who won the Cy Young in 2021. He's what this team needs, a guy with that "fuck you" attitude every 5th day. They also have another guy like that in Grayson Rodriguez. Big, strong guy with a fastball that tickles triple digits. Fuck. You. Fastball. This is a legit 1-2 combo, one of the best in baseball.

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

Their lineup has potential to do some real damage, they are going to put up a ton of runs in so many different ways. You've got power with Mountcastle, Santander, you've got speed with Ced, you've got legit studs in Adley and Gunnar, you've got a bulldog in Westburg, not to mention guys like Colton Cowser who put on a show in spring. The eventual arrival of Jackson Holliday should terrify other teams, adding him this lineup makes the Orioles that much better. 

I'm very, very excited to watch this offense in 2024, they will have some all time fun performances with the wood this year. Bullpen is a bit scary and a cause for concern but I trust Elias and Brandon Hyde to find the next great bullpen arm like they've done the last few years with Jorge Lopez, Yennier Cano, Felix Bautista, and Cionel Perez. They added Craig Kimbrel to replaced the injured Felix Bautista as well, that has some people worried towards the back end. 

Long story short is the Orioles have to be looked at as the hunter in the AL. Yes the Rangers won it all last year and made the O's look like chumps. The O's improved, not sure you can say that about the Rangers. This is a ball club who is ready to win, they have the pieces in place. A few additions will really put them in a great position to have a special year. 35 years I've been on this earth and this is by far the most excited I've been about any sports team. This is a young squad who has the potential to lay the groundwork for what could be a very successful run. A team with great expectations, these aren't your fathers Orioles, this is a new breed of bird. The embarrassing losing streaks and years and years of misery is over. That's done with, now it's about winning. 

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

It's going to be such a fun season in Baltimore, fans are more juiced than I've ever seen, we've been itching for real baseball for weeks now. New ownership group, Cal Ripken Jr. back in the mix, Boh back at the Yard, the vibes in and around this team couldn't be higher. Usually everyone is pumped for Opening Day and then it drops off, that isn't the case anymore. This team is here to stay for a long time. 

It's a great time to be an Orioles fan, the craziest off-season of our life shifts to the most hyped regular season ever of any team in this city. Heavy, heavy expectations for a team that no longer is trying to play spoiler, they now have the target on their back. How does Gunnar Henderson, Adley Rutchman, Grayson Rodriguez, Austin Hays, Anthony Santander, Cedric Mullins, Corbin Burnes, Brandon Hyde and Mike Elias react to the added pressure and bright lights? I guess we wait and see. High, high hopes for this team this season, I think we have a parade coming in October. 

Going to a great year of baseball, buckle up and enjoy. Go Orioles.