Say Hello To The Bad Guy: Joe Lunardi, The Ultimate Heel, Wants IQ Tests For Basketball Media And Big East Shills To Stay Classy

What the hell happened to the Joe Lunardi I know? What happened to the guy who just sat in his bunker, randomly popped up on our screens around February and blabbered about seeds? That's the Luanrdi I want to know because this new guy? This new guy is the ultimate heel. Look at him out here talking about needing IQ tests for basketball media. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I kinda want to see this happen, but Lunardi has to agree to one too. I want to see Lunardi breaking down how to beat a defense when they ice a ball screen. Need a full essay breaking down the swing offense vs the dribble drive vs particular sets. Actually, make him sit in the gambling cave with Rico and do nothing but discuss ghost and horns. 

If that's not enough he had this line in an article: 


[Source] - Big East media shills have been even more obnoxious than their ACC counterparts, which is really saying something. UConn, Marquette and Creighton -- all seeded to be exactly where they are -- have nothing to do with Seton Hall, St. John's or Providence missing the tournament. There's no conspiracy here, just bad math and bad luck. Follow the lead of your classy commissioner and get over it. Sometimes things don't work out.

Shills! He doesn't even call them fans. He's calling out coaches, fans, everyone who is a shill for the Big East. We even got a classy comment. Lunardi has no time for you not being classy. It's time to figure it out and shut up. Things don't work out! And fuck you Lunardi for saying there's no conspiracy. We need conspiracies in sports and it's the perfect talking point for days like today when nothing is going on. I want there to be a conspiracy theory that the committee gave UConn the hardest bracket and they purposely didn't have St. John's as a first four team out. 

This is more than that though. This is Lunardi becoming Razor Ramon. I don't like it. Lunardi was the lovable nerd who gave us bracketology. That wasn't even a thing until he came along and decided to make it mainstream. Now everyone has a bracket, shit there's a whole website dedicated to bracketology. That's how we know where he ranked this past year. I just can't take him serious when he's talking shit and demanding IQ tests.