Jennifer Lopez Saying Her Go To Order At A Bodega Is A Ham And Cheese Has People Bugging Out

NY Post- The TikTok generation wants to evict Jennifer Lopez from the block.

Last week, social media users took issue with a clip from her film “This Is Me … Now: A Love Story,” when she takes her hair down and says, “It reminds me like, when I was 16 in The Bronx running up and down the block.”

The Castle Hill native turned Tinseltown superstar was mocked for using the borough for relatability points — working-class stolen valor.

Then a clip surfaced from Lopez’s 2022 interview for Vogue’s “73 Questions” video series in which she reveals her go-to bodega order: ham and cheese on a roll, a small bag of chips and an orange drink.

She added of the mysterious drink, “If you know, you know.” TikTok users said they did not.

Never thought I would see the day the world would turn on Jenny from the Block, but here we are and I gotta be honest- It's rightfully so. When I think of a bodega I don't think of ham and cheese and clearly this internet doesn't either. This is a wild wild move. The people are erupting.

Now being a suburbs guy myself I am not the most frequent Bodega visitor, as we more visit delis out there but I like to say I know my way around the place. A ham and cheese I guess is a good enough sandwich (I don't like ham) so it's not like the issue here is the order being obscure, it's more of just when you go into a bodega you don't think of ham and cheese as the go-to order. The famous chopped cheese (even tho I don't like them), a Jamaican patty and a bacon egg and cheese are the gold silver and bronze of food items at a bodega, not a ham and cheese. 


Now, I'm not questioning J-LO being a real New Yorker, but what I think happened here is it's been forever since J-LO was in a bodega. Not her fault, she got filthy rich and eats at places the rest of us can't afford. It happens, not her fault. I think it's been so long she thought of the one time she got a ham and cheese in a bodega and just said that under pressure, or without thinking. If asked again, she would hopefully give a more thought out answer. 

As for the drink ... she again got too cute with "the orange drink" ... please Jenny. Bodega has one gold standard and this is it.