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Euphoria Season 3 Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Creator Sam Levinson Can't Figure Out What The Hell He Wants To Have Happen Next

Source - “Euphoria” Season 3 has been delayed at HBO. “HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season,” an HBO spokesperson told Variety. “In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities.”

The scripts for Season 3 are still being written. The news comes after a report that the show’s third season has been scrapped entirely.

Really, Sam? You can't figure out what you want to have happen next? It's not that serious brother. People just want to watch Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi fuck. Throw a little Zendaya overdose in there, maybe some locker room cock and you're good to go. Here's what he had to say on the delay...

In an August interview with Elle, Levinson described Season 3 as a “film noir” and teased that Zendaya‘s character of a recovering addict would “explore what it means to be an individual with principles in a corrupt world.

Colton Domingo who played Rue's sponsor shed a little more light on the situation...

“[Sam is] a person who writes and rewrites and writes and rewrites again, because I think he’s wrestling with what’s important,” he told GQ in an interview. “He’s responding immediately to what the ills of the world are. I know that the one thing I can tell you is that he’s very much interested in the existential question of who we are right now. Our souls. That’s what he wants to figure out with season three.”

So yeah, basically Sam is treating season three as if he's writing a sequel to the Iliad. And don't get me wrong I appreciate the level of care he's putting into the show, but at some point the artist has to stop painting. Shit or get off the pot. These kids are going be forty by the time filming starts. It feels as if we're watching a live fumbling of the bag. Did David Chase ever delay a season of The Sopranos because he was "unsure of how to properly illustrate Christopher's struggles?" No. He figured it the fuck out so the cast and crew could get paid and the millions of fans had something to watch every Sunday night. It's already crazy enough that there was going to be a three year gap in between seasons. Now we have to wait even longer? Give mea break. I want to watch Euphoria, not some alternate version of the show where everyone is grown up because the EP couldn't decide on a script. Figure it out, Sam. The world is waiting.