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Buffoon Reporter Says The Only Reason Zach Hyman Is A 50-Goal Scorer This Year Is Because His Parents Are Rich

Zach Hyman is currently having the career year of all career years. He's been one of the most productive goal scorers in the league ever since joining the Oilers a few seasons ago. He had the best season of his career last year with 36 goals in 79 games. So far this season, he has 51 in 69 games. 

In the history of the NHL, there's only ever been about 100 players who have scored 50 goals in a season one or more times in their career. Millions of kids have picked up a hockey stick at some point in their life. Thousands of them have gone on to play at least one game in the NHL. But only around 100 of them have ever scored 50+ in a season. Zach Hyman is now one of them. A 5th round draft pick who was never projected to be anything more than a nice depth player for a team's middle 6 forwards. 

It's a crazy accomplishment that obviously has some elements of "right place, right time" to it. Obviously playing on a line with a generational talent like Connor McDavid is going to help boost those numbers. But it's still crazy to see where Zach Hyman's career has gone from where it started. 

Andrew Berkshire, whose accomplishments in life have led him to "reporting" stories into a tiny microphone in some random local park while looking like he got dressed from the lost and found, took this opportunity to shit all over Zach Hyman's accomplishments. Why would he do such a thing?

Simple. Zach Hyman grew up rich, and guys like Andrew Berkshire can't fucking stand it. 

Here's some breaking news for you, Andrew--hockey is a really expensive sport. Equipment is expensive. Ice time is expensive. Individual development work is expensive. Dues for club teams are expensive. If you were to strip away the accomplishments of every great NHL player who grew up in a wealthy family, then you'd take away roughly 98% of the league. 

But even if you disregard the fact that most great NHL players grew up wealthy because the barrier to get into hockey is so high, I still don't see how any of that changes the fact that Zach Hyman worked his bag off to get to where he is right now. I'm sure he had more resources than others, but there are also countless players out there who have had the same resources as Zach Hyman and never got to where he's at right now. And the whole "growing up rich" part stops when Zach Hyman goes off to college. Maybe it helped him get to the University of Michigan, but once you get to that level then everybody has the same resources. Everybody is on the ice every day. Everybody has a nutritionist. Everybody has a weight room and trainer. Zach Hyman's parents aren't paying for his training when he's 31-years-old and on his 3rd NHL contract. 

What's even more ridiculous is that Andrew Berkshire starts this whole thing off with saying the media has "a responsibility to tell stories". This bozo thinks it's his moral obligation to bitch about Zach Hyman's family having a finished basement and double oven growing up. Zach Hyman isn't having the best season of his career right now because he continued to try to outwork everyone around him year after year. He's having a career year because he took a trip to Turks and Caicos when he was 14. Thank goodness we still have real reporters out there in the media like Andrew Berkshire who have enough integrity and bravery to get the true story. Follow on TikTok and Instagram for more great reporting like this! 

P.S. -- If Zach Hyman's family being rich is the only reason he has 51 goals this season, how ungodly rich do the Gretzky's have to be?

P.P.S. -- I guess having rich parents makes the whole "growing up with your last name being Hyman" thing a little easier.