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Diamondbacks Sign The Last Major Free Agent In Jordan Montgomery And Keep Getting Better

Megan Briggs. Getty Images.

…and just like that the last major free agent is off the board with some 40 hours to go before Opening Day. Jordan Montgomery joining the Diamondbacks turns them from a good team that is improving into potentially a borderline great one. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they are now going to win the NL West instead of the Dodgers. But if they were in any other division (besides perhaps the NL East), I'd say you can't rule out at least seriously contending for a division crown.

Montgomery joins a rotation that was already awesome with Zac Gallen, Merrill Kelly, Brandon Pfaadt and newcomer Eduardo Rodriguez. Late in spring training, E-Rod went down with a lat injury that may keep him out until May. I am guessing you might not see Montgomery until late April/early May either. The D-Backs have solid options in Ryne Nelson and Tommy Henry that should keep them in games until those guys are back. That's the sign of a strong franchise: organizational depth. 

JUSTIN LANE. Shutterstock Images.

It's wild how much the NL West has improved themselves just this past month. Dylan Cease going to the Padres, Blake Snell to the Giants and now this proves that the division isn't going to lie down and die just because the Dodgers are going to win 100+ games. These good teams in MLB saw the Phillies win 86 games in 2022 and the Dbacks win 84 games in 2023 and both teams win the NL pennant. There is clearly a belief in baseball that just getting into the playoffs can be enough.

I've been of the mindset that the wild card teams aren't punished enough and maybe the bye hurts the best regular season teams. However, if this is going to keep more teams alive and competitive, maybe it's a good thing?

The other team drastically affected by this Montgomery news is the Boston Red Sox. The rumors of Montgomery to the Red Sox was something you heard since the moment the World Series ended. It made so much sense. The Sox desperately needed a quality and durable arm in that rotation and Montgomery is exactly that. As the offseason kept lingering on and on and Montgomery was still available, his price kept dropping as well.

It's fucking wild that the BOSTON MOTHERFUCKING RED SOX couldn't beat a $50 million offer to a premium free agent. This is no longer the team of John Henry. This is instead a reminder of the 1990's when they were owned by not a person but a trust and spent money on sad mid-tier free agents like an elderly Andre Dawson or a washed up Steve Avery. I guess you can add a broken Lucas Giolito to this list.

I don't know what happened to John Henry or when he stopped caring about this team but this is past being embarrassing. This is just malpractice at this point. But the Red Sox loss is absolutely the D-backs gain. I love how the Snakes didn't sit back and coast after making it to a World Series. They spent real money on making this already good team even better.