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Draymond Green Is Up To His Old Tricks, This Time Grabbing Patty Mills By The Neck

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

Since returning from his second suspension, Draymond Green hasn't really had any questionable moments on the court. There may have been a dust up here and there, maybe a "HOLLDD ME BACK" moment, but he certainly hasn't punched anyone in the face or stomped on anyone's chest, so some might call that progress.

Yet, because this is Draymond we're talking about you knew something was eventually going to happen. Especially with the Warriors in desperation mode with the Rockets breathing down their neck. At this point, it's all hands on deck. Win by any means necessary. Pick whatever slogan you want, that usually means we're in store for some questionable Draymond actions.

Wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what we have via Patty Mills' neck

This is textbook Draymond. A play where you could make the argument that he had no idea where Mills' head/neck was and that he was just bracing himself after being tripped up. In reality, we all know Draymond knows exactly what he's doing and where his arm/hand are. We've seen a 50/50 play like this that has a sprinkle of shady behavior mixed in a million times before when it comes to Draymond. Unfortunately for him, as both a habitual line stepper and a habitual line crosser you sort of lose the benefit of the doubt on plays like this.

The fact that this was ruled a common foul also tells us that Adam Silver has made it known to his crew that the Warriors are on life support and the NBA wants Steph Curry in the Play In. That means you have to keep Draymond on the court, because he's a vital part of what the Warriors do. I mean in no way should a play above the shoulders like that be a common foul. That's never called a common foul for any other player, even on accidents. That's borderline assault brother!

For it to not even be a flagrant is highly suspicious, but then once you realize that money and ratings drive everything it makes more sense. Adam Silver would probably rip his eyes out than see the Rockets make the Play In against the Lakers instead of the Warriors. LeBron vs Steph or LeBron vs….Jalen Green? Which one do we think the NBA wants?

It also tells us that no matter how much therapy he may go to and how many times he tells us he is going to act differently, at the end of the day Draymond can't help himself. He'll continue to find these vague plays to pull some shady shit, and the NBA will continue to turn a blind eye, just as they've done his whole career.