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Diddy's Alleged Drug Mule Played Basketball for Syracuse, Here Are His Highlights

NY Post - The man arrested on drug charges at a Miami airport as he attempted to board a private jet with Diddy is a 25-year-old basketball player from Ohio.

Brendan Paul is an amateur music producer and graduate of Fairmont State University in West Virginia — but he has also been accused of being a “drug mule” for Diddy, his employer, in a federal lawsuit filed against the rap mogul. 

Paul was taken into custody Monday at Opa Locka Airport after federal agents intercepted Diddy’s plane, which he was about to board.

He was booked on once count of possession of suspected cocaine and suspected marijuana candy according to an arrest report obtained by The Post. Both charges are felonies in Florida.

Fuck it, Diddy's drug mule highlights.

I'm hoping we get some more information about this guy. I'm fascinated by how criminals end up doing what they do. There will always be a part of me that wished I went down a criminal path. I'm obviously glad I didn't, but like... there's something intriguing about that lifestyle.. What an interesting life Diddy's alleged drug mule Brendan Paul must have lived. I would fully watch a documentary about this guy. 

Clearly this is all speculation. I don't know shit about Brendan Paul. But I have to believe he was the fucking man in high school. He checked both boxes. D1 level athlete (albeit barely), and was down with drugs. That's the coolest guy in a small town. If you're both of those things in high school, you're the hottest dude in school.

How do you think he got hooked up with Diddy? How does one go from Syracuse practice squad to allegedly Diddy's #1 drug mule. What a fucking life. The NY Post was actually able to get a bit of information on the guy. Apparently he was musically legit enough to produce (or at least be a small part of) one of Diddy's albums.

The young producer posted a photo of him and Diddy in the studio while working on the album to commemorate the achievement on Facebook. He also posted photos of the album release party, which featured romantic red rose pedals on the table and “love-inspired” drinks.

Paul also posted of a photo of Combs’ private all-black G550 Gulfstream jet to his social media in October, calling his time with the artist “visceral.”

I'm fully fascinated by this guy. What the fuck was his life like? When you see pictures of him working with Diddy on an album, and can't help but think he's got something going for him. But at the same time… the NY Post says shit like this… 

He lives with his parents, Curt and Mary Jo inside their $829,000 four-bed, six-bath home. 

He played Division I school basketball from 2018 to 2020 before transferring to the Division II team in 2020, playing an average of under 10 minutes per game. 

You still live with your parents? You went to Syracuse then couldn't get more than 10 minutes per game at a D2 school? C'mon on man… That's the most underwhelming college basketball career I've ever read about. So you just suck? But apparently your personality is good enough that you could get it with Diddy? I have so many questions. I'm sure he regrets it all now, but like… that's a hell of a lot to go through by age 25