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My Response To Caleb Williams Destroying Me On Twitter Today

Last night, Caleb Williams was at the USC women's basketball game.....our social team asked if they should tweet about it. I approved the tweet to go live with the caption you see above. Playing it down the middle from the company account, as God intended.

When I approved the tweet, I knew what the story would be....his pink phone case, wallet, and painted nails. I immediately went over to my account to let my own personal thoughts be known:

12 hours later, Caleb Williams responded to me:

I did not think I would be called ugly by Caleb Williams today, but completely fair assessment by him. I've never thought of myself as a looker in any way. I know my disadvantages. I took a shot at Caleb Williams, he took a shot back at me. Eye for an eye. That's the game. 

I knew I had to respond. This is the content game, after all. After talking with some trusted sources, I decided on this video:

I believe this was the first time I have ever put nail polish on. Hopefully, it is my last. Well, I guess I could have a daughter and maybe she'd paint my nails? Shout out to Gia for painting them:

All in all, today was a battle on Twitter. When Caleb responded, he secured victory, but I knew I had to punch back. Only a weak man cowers in a situation like that. Not me. I was the man in the arena. I threw a punch back knowing I'd be KOd, but at least I went out on my sword.