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I Stand With Caleb Williams In His Internet Fight With Jack Mac

Love a little fight on the internet streets from my QB1. People are going to rag on him for his painted nails, crying after a loss, his dresses in GQ, and his pink phone. You take enough arrows from the internet for your personal fashion preferences and eventually you gotta sling one back. He hit Jack Mac right in the face with it, literally. Not nice, but I don't want a nice guy QB. I want a guy who will talk shit and dunk on defenses and internet idiots like myself and JackMac. 

Maybe all of these eccentric fashion choices is Caleb setting up a boy named sue situation. Give the internet fodder to chirp you so then you get mad and it motivates you. That's next level thinking. 

Looks like JackMac took it well

Can't wait for the season and if you have a link to this outfit send it my way