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Agent Of UNC Guard Confirms That His Client Is NOT Dating Kylie Jenner In A Wild Move

Wojcik's agent, TJ Beisner, also confirmed that the college basketball player has never spoken to Jenner and that it was made up. 

He reportedly insisted that it was a joke that Wojcik never intended any harm by and now realizes it was inappropriate. 

Wojcik is one of the college athletes in Jenner's older sister, Kim Kardashian's, SKIM campaign.

I think this has to be a fireable offense. If there's an internet rumor that your client dating a MASSIVE celebrity with a cult following you don't run to squash that rumor. I've never heard of this kid Wojcik. I just looked at an NBA mock draft that didn't have him getting selected. Now...he's in the Daily Mail. I feel like this agent, TJ Beisner, must've been completely oblivious to the entire Taylor Swift football season. Travis Kelce is probably the most famous football player on the planet now because of his celebrity relationship. His podcast is going to new heights. That relationship is probably worth like $50M to Kelce. This tournament is your client's one moment. Having his name in the headlines has to be worth some extra NIL dollars. If the media reaches out to you for comment you just say that you don't manage his personal life and you have no comments on his dating life. Don't confirm. Don't deny. Let it percolate. Let the Kardashian crew come running to the sweet 16 and let the sponsored posts on Wojcik's IG follow. Not to mention who else might come sliding into those DMs if they think Kylie Jenner did