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3 Top Boeing Execs "Resigning" In Shame, Over Massive, Company Wide Failures And Inexcusable Corner-Cutting

CNN - Boeing announced on Monday that its CEO Dave Calhoun was resigning from his position at the aviation giant, and he wasn’t the only one leaving. Boeing chairman Larry Kellner would also not seek re-election as a board director, and Stan Deal, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, announced his retirement.

And initially, the fall man was the head of the Boeing MAX program, somebody that a lot of people had not heard of. Now the top executives at the company are going.

Dave Calhoun, the CEO who came in after the MAX 8 incidents of 2018 and 2019 that killed 346 people in two crashes abroad, he is now stepping down at the end of the year, according to this latest release from Boeing. That is really significant, many wondering whether it’s too little, too late after Calhoun made his plea that Boeing airplanes are safe not only on Capitol Hill, the top lawmakers in the Senate committee that oversee aviation, but also to airline CEOs like Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci, who wanted $150 million in damages from Boeing after that door plug blowout.

Also, criticism from United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby and American Airlines CEO [Robert Isom], all of these companies, the backbone of their fleets are Boeing airplanes. Many of these companies have orders for more Boeing airplanes. We’re also learning that Larry Kellner, the board chair, will retire. And, Stan Deal, who is the head of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, is also stepping down, promoting a relative newcomer, [Boeing COO] Stephanie Pope, to that position. These have all been people heavily involved in the defense of Boeing after the door plug blowout earlier this year.

This is a really, really significant shakeup. Many have been wondering if there were going to be changes at the top of the company, and now we are seeing that that is happening right now. It is unfolding. So this is a really huge change, John, and the fact that Boeing is doing this, there is a lot of irony here. Dennis Muilenburg was the CEO at Boeing at the time of the MAX 8 incidents in 2018 and 2019. Dave Calhoun came into power. Now he is leaving as the result of another incident on the MAX line.

Yah, that's about as scathing as it gets. 

I guess one of the plus-sides of being slaves to stock-prices is having a board that gives zero fucks and will replace your ass in a cocaine-heartbeat if you jeopardize the company's standing in the court of public opinion, and by association- said stock price.

And honestly, it couldn't have happened to better people. 

Two fucking years ago Chief, Eddie, and I watched the documentary Downfall

Which was all about the corporatization and gutting of a once proud and prestigious company- all in the name of cutting costs of goods, cutting costs of labor, and increasing profit margins to make Wall St. and shareholders happy. 

To hell with customer safety.

Back then, this was pre-John Burnett murder/suicide, pre-Alaskan airlines, right after the Lion air crash, AND the Ethiopian air crash, the three of us were asking questions that apparently Congress, The Department of Justice, and our Secretary of Transportation weren't capable of asking out loud: "How the fuck do the suits at Boeing not in jail?"

I even wrote a blog about it.

It's a start I guess for these guys to lose their jobs. Hopefully the message has been received loud and clear by Stephanie Pope and the newcoming leadership.