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Would You Pay $18,000 To Go To A Three-Day "Alpha Male Boot Camp"?

Welcome to 2024. We not only have alpha male influencers, we have alpha male BOOT CAMPS that you pay 5-figures to attend. If you're wondering what they're like, here you go:

This 3-day BootCamp is known as The MDK Project....aka The Modern Day Knight PROJECT. Here is a look at the website:

The price to attend this camp is $18,000 for 3-days of life-changing ALPHA MALE advice, where you'll compete in tasks such as moving down a railroad on your back in the pitch dark of the night.

After last week's camp, the company has completed 19 MDK Projects. The 20th will be going down this October if you're interested.

Be careful though, because you can be kicked out at any point! That's right, you may have paid $18,000 for 75 hours of life-changing advice, but if you're a beta in hour 17? YOU'RE BEING SENT HOME. 

Here is some of the motivation and teaching you will get:

Now, I will say a lot of the guys at this camp are in phenomenal shape. Looks as if they range in age 20 to 50+. That's very impressive. I don't know exactly what would motivate you to go to one of these camps. Maybe it's a weird fetish thing? I could 100% see that. You have to be an individual who THRIVE off of pain. It sexually excites you. I think of Chuck Rhoades from Billions BDSM preferences. He would love a camp like this. If Billions had a few more seasons, I'd suggest sending him to this camp for an episode or two.

Again, a bunch of in-shape individuals…who I guess are attempting to get better? Hard to hate on them too much, still a little weird. People going on booze cruises and we would never make fun of that.

This camp looks brutal, though. I would not be able to complete it. I'd have to have a year of training (at least) to get to these guys level.