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Promises Made, Promises Delivered: Giusy Meloni Announces It's Time For A New Season, Still On The Path For Superstardom

Last month I made a promise to you the readers, the fans, the masses. I would not stop until I alert everyone that Giusy Meloni is a superstar. I made a promise that if Giusy Meloni posted a picture I would find it and make it a blog. By find it I mean check her Instagram from time to time. You see, she doesn't post often and when she does it's a reminder that she's the most attractive person in the world. We have a Sydney Sweeney blogger. We have a Taylor Swift blogger. Well, it's time we have a Giusy Meloni blogger. 

I say all that to say, ALERT. RED ALERT. We have a new picture with an important message: 

Aries season! No idea what that means, I just assume it's tied to the NCAA Tournament. Gotta figure out how a zodiac sign can be relayed into who she is cheering for in the Sweet 16. Also playing a little cat and mouse game here, Giusy. Posting that in the middle of the NCAA Tournament? This is also where I thought about just going with the old school Trent/Elizabeth Hurley bit and just type her name in all caps. I know no one is reading what I write in this blog. I'm not dumb, contrary to how I look/sound/sometimes write. 

I don't want to sound like Long Beach State's AD who said he didn't want credit, but took credit for their run after firing Dan Monson, but credit to me for finding this picture and keeping promises. That's the thing about me. I will hold up a promise no matter what. You won't see me backing down from blogging about Giusy Meloni, I'm too addicted to pageviews. I'm too addicted to spreading the word that Giusy Meloni is a superstar in the making. 

Promises made, promises delivered.