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'Should've Defended Better' - Josh Hart Doesn't Give A Shit That Monty Williams Is Crying And Complaining About Donte DiVincenzo Hitting 11 Threes

Holy shit, Monty Williams. Do you ever stop complaining when you play the Knicks? I don't know man, maybe, just MAYBE, if the Pistons were an actual NBA franchise this season you could stop crying. So the story goes, last night Donte DiVincenzo aka Delaware Jordan hits 11 threes last night, Knicks cruise to a win. Ho hum stuff really. 

Little idea Monty. Maybe you should want to be part of the Knicks story. Doesn't even have to be the Knicks really. Be a story of any other team in the NBA. I wouldn't want to be part of the Pistons story. You think I'm happy to see Donte hit 11 against the Pistons? No I'd much rather it be against a team that would hardly compete in the G-League. He should be hitting 11 threes against you. 

This is just a great reminder about how happy we as Knicks fans should be that we have these Nova guys. Jalen Brunson is the star, Donte is the quiet killer who you're trying to figure out how he's in the group and Josh Hart is the enforcer. Just need Arch back. So this is why we need Josh Hart. He's not going to sit back and let Monty Williams bitch and moan about stat padding, whatever that is during a professional basketball game. No, he's going to make fun of Donte if anyone is and until that happens he'll tell you to know your role and shut your mouth. 

Hart is right by the way. I don't know why anyone who is in pro sports would ever bitch and moan about this sort of stuff. Your job is to play sports, coach sports, execute in sports. If you're that upset that someone kept scoring against you, I don't know man, do your job? That seems pretty simple.