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The Diamondbacks (Who Have A Retractable Roof) Had Their Game Called Due To.......Rain

Every time you watch baseball there is a decent chance you'll see something you haven't seen before. Sometimes it's a no-hitter, sometimes a bird gets hit by a pitch and explodes or sometimes you go to a game at a ballpark with a retractable roof and it gets rained out. That's what we saw in Arizona last night as the Diamondbacks exhibition game vs the Guardians kicked off with the roof open. Beautiful March night in the desert, shouldn't be any reason you can't pop the top on the stadium right? WRONG. Since the Diamondbacks' roof can't be opened or closed with fans inside the ballpark, they were unable to close the roof when a rainstorm rolled through. Soaked the fans, soaked the turf, had everyone sprinting for the exits too. 

Diamondbacks fans acted like they were going to melt if they got a drop of rain on them, have they never seen a rainstorm before? But not a great look for Arizona where they have some problem with their roof and can't close it, even if there is an emergency. Regular season starts this week guys, not something you wanted to fix in the offseason? Arizona has been getting a decent amount of unexpected rain this year so how do you even risk it by opening the roof? You know you can't close it if you need to. 

Piss poor planning by Arizona, but at least they didn't take it too seriously as their twitter account tied to get in on the fun. Just thinking out loud again, if you can't close your roof because the cords are going to snap and could fall off fans, that seems like something you'd want to get taken care of ASAP. I know they played deep into October but that seems like something that they should have wanted to get taken care of. So what are the chances this happens during the regular season? We're going to see an indoor Diamondbacks game rained out aren't we? I think so.