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NC State Star DJ Burns Owns Vending Machines As A Side Hustle

On today's Pardon My Take... DJ Burns! The star big man for the NC State Wolfpack joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter fresh off punching a ticket to the Sweet 16 to discuss his team's insane run in March, being a player that America can root for, what this team's stretch means for HC Kevin Keatts, and more.

The fellas also discussed a fun and unique side hustle that DJ Burns and some of his friends have: OWNING VENDING MACHINES! That's right, the big man told our guys about how this phenomenon started on today's show...


Honestly, what a genius idea. I can only imagine the amount of money made in my middle school and high school's vending machines on a daily basis. I would usually go with pretzels, but if I wanted to treat myself, I'd go straight to the Twizzlers. 

If you load up a vending machine with elite snacks, it is going to sell out so, so fast. You need a good mix of classics, healthy options, and candy. Having a versatile list of snacks and candy is crucial for selling out your vending machine. The fact that DJ Burns said he's not allowed to eat what's in his vending machine tells us that there are plenty of guilty options in there. Unfortunately, it does not include this...

The Big Texas Cinnamon Roll. If you know, you know. Hundreds of calories. A ton of fat. A ton of sugar. But as elite as they come.