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WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley Broke The Internet With A Rikishi-Style Stinkface

WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley has been setting the internet on fire left and right lately. 

It feels like every time she wrestles, wrestling fans are thirsting over her online Sydney Sweeney style - and at this point, she's definitely embracing it.... 

This weekend at a house show in Springfield, Illinois, "Mami" hiked up her shorts and hit Nia Jax with a Rikishi-inspired stinkface - breaking the internet in the process....

The next night in Rockford, after the stinkface clip had already gone viral, Shayna Baszler hilariously tried to volunteer herself for the move….

….and Rhea clips from the match lit up Wrestling Twitter yet again….

….and then she kicked the day off with this pre-RAW shot from her hotel….

"She can't keep getting away with this!"

CM Punk has taken notice of Rhea's antics as of late, and promised to raise the bar in his return to RAW - so I guess we'll see how he outdoes her in Chicago tonight? I guess?

Seriously, though - I don't think I've seen wrestling fans barking and howling at the TV like this since the prime Trish Stratus days….

She's headlining PPVs as a hero in her home country, she's been the talk of the wrestling industry for months; women want to be her, guys want to be with her - Rhea is simply on top of the world right now. She's one of the best acts in the company right now.