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Siena Has Hired Syracuse Legend Gerry McNamara As Their Next Head Coach, Paving The Way For Him To Become The King Of (Central) New York


HOLY SHIT, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I know that the coach hirings in the MAAC don't usually move the needle much these days unless Tricky Rick Pitino is using a college to springboard himself back to a power conference job. But this is Barstool SPORTS and Gerry McNamara is a legitimate college basketball legend for helping bring Syracuse a National Championship as a freshman (which I watched at Siena in my beloved Townhouse 32), being an absolute monster for four years, then putting on the greatest run in the Big East Tournament back when it was the biggest show in town (a healthy fuck you to college football for ruining the OG Big East).

Safe to say I got about as much mileage as humanly possible from my OVERRATED?!? t-shirt that was inspired by some assistant head coaches that will never be head coaches.

I've watched that video no less than 10,000 times and blogged it about the same amount. Most people think of JJ Watt acting like a hardo on HBO when they hear Fort Minor. I think of Gerry McNamara putting the team on his back despite being completely beaten up like no man has ever done outside of Madden Greg Jennings.

As a Syracuse fan, I wanted Gerry McNamara to take over for Jim Boeheim once he finally got sick of pissing off the entire college basketball world with angry rants. They obviously went with Adrian Autry instead, which is perfectly fine. However, getting GMac to take over my alma mater is maybe even better for me and all the other people who fit into the Venn diagram of being Cuse and Siena fans (Anybody who says you can't root for the college you spent your entire childhood rooting for as well as the college you spent the best years of your life at can go straight to hell). 

I'm not sure what Gerry's staff will look like but it would be a fatal mistake to not hire Eric Devendorf as an assistant whose sole purpose is to piss off the opposing team, coaches, and fans. Also the 2-3 Zone needs to come to Siena just because it is reportedly hard to prepare for in the tournament (Source: Every broadcaster Syracuse ever played in a tournament).

My buddy once said that Siena has the infrastructure to become the Gonzaga of the East and with the King of Central New York at the helm, I don't see why that can't happen now. Granted I don't understand any of the landscape of the way college hoops works in 2024 with NIL (shout out Saints March On), one-and-dones, and all the other changes that have happened since the death of the old Big East was the death of my diehard college basketball fandom. But having a coach who is a local legend in the region of your school, is the best thing to come out of his hometown of Scranton this side of "The Office" definitely, and can outshoot every other coach in the country sure as shit ain't a bad thing.