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Shedeur Sanders Continues Weird Attempt To Prove He's Been Through A Lot Of Adversity While Taking A Bizarre Shot At 6A Texas HS Football (Which Was Immediately Proven Wrong)

I want to start this blog by saying I am a fan of Shedeur Sanders. I believe he is a good QB, who may be the best QB in the NFL draft class of 2025. That being said, the chip on his shoulder that he is trying to create is bizarre: 

SOURCE - “All the other kids were going big, you know, Power Five, and they went to Big 6A Texas 6A schools and stuff I don’t see those same kids around -- I don’t see them excelling in their programs and whatever they’re do doing," Sanders said (h/t Essentially Sports). "So I always been against the odds like in different ways.”

“No, I’ve been seeing a light since day one since I’ve been in college overall," Shedeur prefaced before saying, "Since when I got to the platform and I came from a private school. So at the end of the day, I dealt with a lot of negativity a lot of hate a lot of everything I done”.

One of the weirdest things in sports (and life) is when someone tries to prove their adversity. I'm not going to sit here and say Shedeur hasn't been doubted, he was at an FCS school prior to arriving at Colorado, but let's not act like he was flipping burgers with zero dollars to his name last year. The man grew up as the son of DEION SANDERS. Yes, that comes with it's own set of challenges, but adversity is not the best word to describe his situation.

Shedeur has embraced the "adversity" storyline so much he is now saying he has overcome more adversity than anyone:

Just weird. I get it's probably a motivational tactic, but let's not forget Shedeur grew up with the opposite of financial struggles. He also could've played QB at Cedar Hills in Texas and competed against Kaidon Slater (current Liberty QB), but decided to go the private school route (adversity). 

Also, speaking of the mention of 6A Texas High School Football…..Shadeur is very wrong. 6A Texas high schools have produced some of the most talent we've ever seen:

Speaking of the QBs that played in Texas that were in Shedeur's class:

-Quinn Ewers

-Jalen Milroe

-Preston Stone

The next class:

-Cade Klubnik

-Conner Weigman

While this is all going on, Deion said on Million Dollar's Worth Of Game that he will not let Travis Hunter and Shedeur go to certain teams:

I have no idea how that would work, but I do know that the reality show that is Colorado football will continue no matter what. Will Deion stay at Colorado after 2024? We will see….