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Bold Strategy: Harrison Ingram Claims It Was Ridiculous How Much Michigan State Talked Shit, It's Why They Got Sent Home

Think we all know about reverse jinxes, but this is reverse shit-talking. This is Harrison Ingram saying he used the shit talking to send Michigan State home. Also makes you wonder if Tom Izzo lost the team. You don't hear about Tom Izzo teams talking shit nonstop and apparently for Harrison Ingram this was far too much than he was used to compared to the Boston College's and Georgia Tech's of the world. 

This is where I truly do want an uncensored mic'd up court at all times. It's 2024, we have mic's everywhere. What if I don't want to listen to Dan Bonner or Jim Spanarkel talk about how teams just need to get quick twos when they are down 3 with 10 seconds to go. I want to listen to the amount of shit talking that happens in a game. I need to know what Michigan State was saying to see if it was truly ridiculous or not. I can't just take Harrison Ingram's word for it. Anything could have happened out there. 


I'm very pro shit talking too. Let me get ahead of that again just to be safe. Shit talking happens in every sport at every level, it's just a bad look for it to be ridiculous to the point that Harrison Ingram says so and claims that's how you got sent home. I really hope it was like Carson Cooper talking shit too. You catch everyone off guard doing it looking like this

Grant Halverson. Getty Images.

Dude looks like he's joining Frank Reynolds and Dennis for the orgy. Need him to be the elite shit talker out there. I will say I always laugh at days like today because it's nothing but fallout from this weekend. We get the stories that fell through the crack, stories that aren't even being talked about on TV as we sat in the cave until our eyes bled.