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Dos A Cero. A Brawl In The Stands - USMNT Once Again Embarrassed Mexico, Reminded Them They Simply Can't Compete With Our Golden Generation

Dos a cero in the stands too? I don't know, I just love that whenever we take on Mexico now we win. We chant dos a cero, loser Mexican fans get the match delayed for discriminatory chants and now we win fights too. I don't know why Mexico fans haven't accepted it yet. This isn't new. The USMNT is simply better than Mexico. We show it time after time after time. People go on TV and like to pretend just because we have Gregg running around like a lunatic out there, that Mexico is better. They haven't beaten us since 2019! 5 wins and 2 draws for the USMNT since that time.

As for the game? Come on, you had to see Tyler Adams do this. 

Absolute filth. Right before half, a half we were dominating too. This is what we need, we need Tyler Adams out there. I know he's not the first name people mention with Gio, Pulisic, McKennie or Weah. But Adams is arguably our most important player? If not, he's high up there. We need him to play that holding spot and then we he fires a screamer like this get the whole place going. 

Gio! Speaking of guys who can play when they are allowed. There is probably nobody more talented on the roster than Gio Reyna. Sure, it was weird that Gregg was going bananas after Gio scored, but you know what? Fuck it. If we're stuck with Gregg (Berhalter Out) at least please make sure to play our best players as often as possible. Don't bring a Gio or Musah and have them rot on he bench. We're worried about baby steps with Gregg (Berhalter Out) and arguably the biggest one was being happy for Gio. Mission accomplished. 

We desperately need someone to step up here. We're stuck playing in CONCACAF which hurts us long run. It's basically like Gonzaga and the WCC. We need a new conference. We need to be challenged so we don't just blindly buy in (we will). But damn it feels good to remind Mexico that it's been since 2019. Just all we do is beat you in soccer now. You can't compete with us and you haven't been able to compete with us since 2019. I'm sure that's all buddy in the US flag was reminding your fans.

Rock, flag and Eagle.