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Muay Thai Fighter Puts His Opponent's Nose On The Side Of His Face With A Brutal Uppercut

Holy uppercut, Batman - that is disgusting! Just about as bad of a nose break as you'll see in combat sports, immediately giving Mike Perry a run for his money....

Alexandre Schneider. Getty Images.

This gruesome schnoz break/knockout comes via PTT Petchrungruang over Shayan Heydari in Thailand this morning, and serves as a great reminder of why I'd never voluntarily get into a fight in a million years. 

Like, I get called out for Rough N Rowdy on the daily by bitter MMA fans who want my job, and my answer to all of them is always: of course not! I don't have the confidence that I could beat any of them (because why would I?) - so why risk one good shot landing the wrong way and having my face is quite literally rearranged in an instant? 

I'm actually such a pussy that I think if this happened to me, I'd look at myself in a mirror afterwards, and pass out. I don't think I could handle that sight at all. 

Giphy Images.

So yeah, in conclusion - this is fuckin gross, but it's a great reminder of what fighters risk every time they enter the ring/cage/octagon/pit/Road House. You're always one shot away from disaster. 

Massive respect to anyone who has had the balls to do it in their life. If you want to be next, Rough N Rowdy is back April 19th and signups are now open….

P.S. I can't do a broken nose blog without also mentioning Blake Perry (unrelated to Mike Perry) as well….

Again - in the iconic words of Nate Diaz, "That's gross."