Creighton/Oregon Was So Damn Awesome That Even Greg McDermott Admitted Both Coaches Were In 'Disbelief' About What The Hell Happened

That right there is why we live for this month. That right there was the sort of game where you take a minute, sit back and just laugh. From the shots that actually went in, to the multiple minutes where it looked like both teams had no idea the goal was to score, to Dante/Cousinard having monster games, to Creighton somehow winning and of course fucking Mintzy. 


Now I could write a whole blog about what it's like to be in the presence of Mintzy. There's truly nothing like it and quite frankly it's impossible to fully explain. He comes in, makes the most random noises one can ever make, has everyone mad at him and then out of nowhere walks out a hero. He's truly 1 of 1. 

But back to this game. That fucking ruled. It went from a close game but hideous game to one that just ruled and frankly that's the NCAA Tournament. The blink of an eye and you're staring down a late night double OT game. 

I still can't believe Dante caught the pass to shoot free throws at the end of regulation. I know you can run out of options, but that was the only way this game somehow kept going. It's the reason we got to overtime. All I know is Creighton seemed deader than dead. You could have told me they were shooting 14% from three and I'd believe you. They just never looked right. Dante was eating them up inside and Oregon rolled with the strategy of playing 2 on 5. It nearly worked! 

The fact that a sentence like that seems normal is why there's nothing like this event. All it takes is two guys to get hot and end a season. But Creighton finally wore Oregon down. That's ultimately what it came down to. The legs in double OT and hitting a couple shots early. 

And all I can think about is Altman and McDermott laughing at how dumb it was in the moment. They couldn't believe they were going to overtime and double overtime. They basically turned into the rest of America in that moment. We all were in disbelief, well, except Mintzy. See everyone tomorrow. Give us mayhem.