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UPDATE: The UFC Fighter Who Got Bit Tonight Already Got The Bite Mark Tattooed

My god. What a tattoo to commemorate the UFC debut of Andre Lima, who - as the ink mentions - got fucking bit tonight.

Dana White joked that he was going to give Lima the first ever "I Got Fucking Bit Bonus" - and after seeing the tattoo he said that he's upping the bonus from $25k to $50k! As ridiculous of a tattoo as it is, the fact that he's getting paid an extra $25 grand for it now completely justifies it. I would get a dumb ass tattoo for $25k TOMORROW. Also I know most of you would say can't say much about stupid tattoos as I sit here with a lightsaber on one side of my forearm and Batman on the other, and I get that. I don't have another man's teeth permanently inked anywhere on me, though.

Thug Rose and Amanda Ribas are about to take the octagon for tonight's main event, and while I know all eyes have been on March Madness Ice Con tonight - the fights have actually been pretty good! Julian Erosa and Edmen Shahbazyan delivered some crazy comebacks, we got two more finishes on the main card, and we even got some new UFC 300 previews.