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Some NYC Facts For Your Sunday Morning

Jan Folwarczny. Unsplash Images.

I'm sure you're all groggy from staying up late watching college basketball (especially that Creighton/Oregon game) the past three days. Hopefully you can read this while taking your morning dump and the facts awaken your brain so you can converse with loved ones until the first game starts up at noon.

Before looking this up, I had no idea St. Patrick's Cathedral was the tallest structure in New York City for a year. Living in NYC from 1870-1940 must have been wild. The city grew so much and so quickly. 

Of course, it was pouring rain when I shot this and I couldn't find the little clip I use for the microphone. So, I do apologize for this one sounding like shit. This clip of 1896 is fucking wild. It's always incredible to me how differently people lived back then but within the same city and layout as I live now.

I didn't go into enough detail about how much Nellie Bly also changed how investigative journalism was and even is done today. The only way this story could have been told was by putting herself in the story herself.

Also, that's my dog Melfi in the video. She's a good girl and did her best to stay patient during this video.

X City sounds like it would have been incredible. Most Americans that took part in a poll said they wanted the United Nations out of the United States. I doubt anyone would have felt that way about X City.

Also, this is as close as I could get to the building. You can't really tell from this video but as I am sure you can imagine security is no joke here. On top of guards and huge fences here even on a Sunday, there is a gated area even right beyond the line of bushes right in back of me.

I wanted to do Carnegie Hall for awhile but grew impatient waiting for the scaffolding to come down. Fun fact about the Barstool NYC office: we've had the same scaffolding up around the building since my first day almost two years ago. I thought that was bad and then I was told it has been up for a year even before that! I really hope I can outlast that steel eyesore.

Hopefully all of this timed perfectly with the end of your morning shit. Go enjoy some basketball and at least pretend like you are interested in what your family is trying to tell you.