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'For The Last Month, I've Been Looking Forward To Next Season To Be Honest' - Bill Self, Totally Normal Talking About The Kansas Season Ending

Oh, well, that's completely normal. Not like there's been a thing with Kansas fans kinda jumping on Bill Self for saying something about the Kevin McCullar injury: 


Now some would say he just knew this Kansas team was cooked. You're not winning a national title without McCullar. But to come out and say for the last MONTH you were just looking forward to next year is insane. I know I can't say anything about coaching considering mine basically coaches this way, but you can't say that out loud. You need to come up with something slightly better. For sure can't say for the month in February and March you were sick of it. 

It wasn't even like they were out of this game. They were out of it fast after halftime but, shit, you had the lead. You were right there. Fuck it, at this point I just want every coach to quit. It's all I have left. Again, I don't ever remember a coach saying this, especially at a major program like Kansas. Just lie at some point! Everybody lies! John Calipari is a good coach. See I just lied to you. It's not that hard. 

Oh well, at least it's time for next year for Bill Self.