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The Washington Post is Writing a Hit Piece on LSU Women's Coach Kim Mulkey So She's Hired "The Best Defamation Law Firm in The Country"

I don't want people to read this blog and think I might have something against Kim Mulkey. I would like everyone to know it as fact. I do not like this woman. I can't stand any "look at me" coach. Just like the way Coach K lectures opposing players after games because he's butt hurt about losing to an underdog... the way Dabo Swinney has made the Clemson Tigers football team entrance all about him when he sprints full speed down the hill, leaving his players in the dust as an afterthought.. or literally every time Kim Mulkey speaks or chooses an outfit. I think she's a highly unlikable person.

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Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.
Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

There's not a bigger look at me coach in sports than Kim Mulkey. But that has nothing to do with this story. I'm going to put my bias aside for the rest of this blog. Apparently Kim Mulkey has been tipped off to an article that being written about her. An apparently scathing, "fuck Kim Mulkey" article at the hands of the Washington Post. They say the story is 2 years in the making (which is way too fucking long for any story).

Reading between the lines, and this is just speculation, I'm assuming the Washington Post reached out to Mulkey for comment, which tipped her off to this article. Obviously she knows this article is going to be detrimental to her, and now she's fighting back by hiring the BEST defamation lawyers in the history of lawyering. 

Anybody who follows Barstool has seen this saga played out 100 times before with Dave Portnoy. One every couple of months Dave will get a call from a friend, former employee, some random girl he used to talk to, and they tell him, "Hey by the way __ just called me up and tried to get some dirt on you." Then Dave goes public with it. He talks his shit. And a few months later the article is published. Dave fights back some more. Then soon enough it all goes away and nobody gives a fuck about it ever again. This is truly a tale as old as time. Especially in the world of Barstool. 

Again, I don't like Mulkey as a coach, but I do respect that she's fighting back. Nobody (except for Dave) ever fights back in these situations. I'm willing bet you can take almost every college basketball coach in America, men or women, and if you call enough of his/her former players, you're going to get some good dirt. And much like Dave, Kim Mulkey is a controversial figure. Meaning that if this writer from the Washington Post can even get a few negative statements, they're going to get themselves a well-performing article. 

But who fucking knows. Maybe the Washington Post is on to something. Maybe Kim Mulkey really is a horrific person. I've always thought she was, but clearly I don't know shit. I just don't like the way she carries herself as a coach. But if she really does have a bullshit hit piece coming out about her, then good for her for fighting back. However, if this Washington Post article gets published, and we all learn for a fact that Kim Mulkey ties up players in her basement… then I retract what I said. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this.