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JJ McCarthy Dominated His Pro Day....And People Are Finally Waking Up To HIs Greatness

The JJ McCarthy hype train is here and boy does it feel good to have had a seat in first class for years. 

At yesterday's Michigan pro day, JJ McCarthy put up a dominant performance:

Yep. The most talented prospect in the class. He is the one who was promised. America's QB. Big pharma hates him.

Scott Zolak…welcome to the PARTY. 

Yep, go ahead, make the Zach Wilson joke. We do not care. Zach struggled against top tier competition while at BYU. JJ's stats against top competition? The same as it is against bad competition. The guy is a baller. 

At this point, it's looking like the Vikings are the most likely landing spot for JJ:

Now I know I might sound crazy, but what if JJ doesn't last to that pick? Is it possible we could see him jump Drake Maye at #2? Or the Patriots take him at #3? I am really hoping JJ doesn't end up on the Patriots. That would break me as a Jets fan. All of this JJ McCarthy hype would've been for nothing. 

If he's on the Vikings, though? RUN ME MY MCCARTHY #9 JERSEY IN PURPLE. 

Minnesota! You finally have a Frank Tarkenton replacement.